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we also manufacture and install Sheds, Garden Rooms, Bin Stores and much much more!

Our Story

Your Pet is for life give them the best
they are a part of your family after all 

Our daughters beautiful cat got shot in his eye with an air rifle and had to sadly have his eye removed, he was lucky to survive this awful attack as the pellet was millimetres away from his brain.  

We built him an enclosure so he could still have his freedom of the outdoors but still within the boundary of his home  so he was safe and our daughter would no longer worry.

After building this enclosure it generated a lot of interest with people asking us to build them one as it was apparent that my daughters cat was not the only under attack not only in her local area but country wide!

Since then we have build many enclosures that suit all kinds of pets, Cats,Dogs,Birds, Rabbits you name it we can build for them.  

We have since expanded our skills to include many other none pet related items so please explore our website to see how we can help.

We manufacture 

Garden room extentions, Sheds, Bin Stores, garden builds of any kind and much much more!


Some of our recent projects

Garden Room


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